SureSmile in Colorado Springs, CO

SureSmile in Colorado Springs, CO

SureSmile is an orthodontic treatment that is clear, removable, and comfortable. SureSmile combines 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology to precisely plan your orthodontic treatment. Rather than using a traditional impression, SureSmile takes a digital scan of the patient’s teeth. This scan allows for greater customization. 

Throughout your treatment, SureSmile will customize and manufacture a series of clear aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place. Every step of the process is guided by our orthodontist, who is trained in 3D treatment planning.

SureSmile’s customized treatment planning software and 3D imaging technology allow our private dentist to map out your entire treatment plan from start to finish. Once your customized treatment plan is finalized, your dentist will send your treatment plan to SureSmile’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where your aligners will be fabricated and returned to your dentist upon completion.

Benefits of SureSmile

SureSmile is a custom-made set of aligners that are created specifically for you. Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile aligners are made of smooth plastic that is much more comfortable than metal brackets and wires. There are no sharp parts to irritate your lips or cheeks. In addition, the aligners are easily removable for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.

The other advantages of using SureSmile include the following.

  • SureSmile uses 3D imaging technology to create a digital model of your teeth for more accurate treatment.
  • SureSmile requires fewer dental visits, which saves time.
  • SureSmile uses digital scanning, which eliminates the need for gooey impressions.

What Happens During a SureSmile Treatment?

A SureSmile scan and modeling software is used to take the digital scan of your teeth. The scan is transformed into a 3D model of your mouth. Then, an automated manufacturing robot uses the 3D model of your mouth to manufacture precise and accurate SureSmile aligners.

Your teeth will move gradually week by week until they reach the position your orthodontist has prescribed.

Is SureSmile Right for You?

SureSmile is an advanced orthodontic system that uses 3D imaging technology to design removable clear aligners called SureSmile Aligners to move your teeth.

SureSmile is ideal for:

  • Adults who don’t want traditional braces
  • Teenagers who have already had orthodontic treatment
  • Patients who want a shorter treatment time
  • Patients who want a discreet treatment

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