5 Worst Foods For Oral Health

5 Worst Foods For Oral Health

Eating right can help your teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. But eating the wrong foods can have a damaging effect on your oral health. Listed below are some of the worst foods for oral health.

  • Hard candies

Chewing hard candy, like lollipops and jawbreakers, can crack or chip your teeth. Also, the sticky sugar in hard candy can get in between your teeth and cause them to decay more easily. If you really want a sweet treat, try sucking on sugarless gum instead.

  • Sports drinks

While sports drinks may be helpful in rehydrating the body after a hard workout, they are filled with sugar and acids that can eat away at your teeth. A recent study found that people who drink energy drinks are 60% more likely to have tooth decay than those who do not. Instead of reaching for a sports drink after a workout, opt for water instead. 

  • Alcohol

Red wine, beer, and other liquors are some of the worst culprits for dental erosion and staining. These drinks are highly acidic, which erodes the enamel layer of teeth and promotes the formation of plaque—a clear sticky film that coats the teeth. It’s best to avoid these beverages altogether, especially if you want to keep your pearly whites healthy for longer! Instead, try drinking water or milk with your meal. Water will help rinse bacteria buildup from your teeth, while milk can help strengthen tooth enamel.

  • Coffee

Coffee is one of the most notorious teeth-staining culprits out there. The acidity in your morning cup of coffee can erode your enamel over time, leaving your smile vulnerable to staining and discoloration. Try limiting your coffee intake to a few cups a day to give your teeth a break. We also recommend rinsing your mouth with water after you finish drinking a cup of coffee to protect your teeth from damaging acids. If you’re looking for an even less acidic alternative to coffee or you’re simply trying to avoid caffeine altogether, try brewing a cup of green tea instead. Green tea is loaded with healthy antioxidants that can protect your cells against damage. And unlike coffee, green tea won’t stain your teeth or cause bad breath. 

  • Ice

Ice is one of the worst foods for oral health. This is because the ice can crack the outer surface of the teeth, leading to a higher risk of plaque buildup and food particles getting stuck in the crevices of the tooth. And, since these cracks also increase your chance of developing gum disease, you may also have a higher risk of tooth loss! 

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